The Broadway Production

In less gifted hands, "Souvenir," which is subtitled "A Fantasia on the Life of Florence Foster Jenkins," could have been a crude joke.

Instead, with a script by Stephen Temperley and superlative performances by Judy Kaye as Jenkins and Donald Corren as her accompanist - the wonderfully named Cosme McMoon - it makes hilarious and deeply touching theater out of something inherently ridiculous. Elegantly designed, beautifully directed, "Souvenir" is a kind of loony triumph.

    NY Daily News.            

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As in the play’s 2004 premiere at the York Theatre Company, Jenkins is played by the extraordinary Judy Kaye, who is once again astonishing: hilarious in her deadpan emulations of Jenkins’s hideous squeaking, and then—when Temperley cleverly turns his mirror on the audience—suddenly and deeply poignant. And Donald Corren’s dapperly ironic performance as Jenkins’s accompanist, Cosme McMoon, throws new light on everything around him. Directed with forceful clarity by Vivian Matalon, Souvenir is a memorable illustration of the real limits of self-perception, and of the purely theatrical magic that can turn the tinniest ear to gold.

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… go laugh to your heart's content. There weren't many voices as bad as Jenkins's. There aren't many theatrical experiences as good as ''Souvenir."

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