The Pilgrim Papers at the Unicorn Theatre, BTF.

Beside the Seaside 

Hudson Guild, NYC. 


Chelsea Theater Center. And HBO New Writers.


Nine Day Wonder,

One man play. Workshop for York Theatre. German translation by Lida Winiewicz.

A Christmas Carol Completed

A new version of the old story for five actors and no children. 

Dance With Me

18th Street Theatre, NYC: Centenary Stage, NJ

That Kind of Woman

Musical. Workshop for Dodger Theatricals

Kind Masters

Workshop for Mint Theatre, NYC.

The Weight of Tears

A play for one actor.

Director of Rhoda Lerman’s play Eleanor at BTF.

Assistant director of The Tap Dance Kid, Broadway

Assistant Director of Morning’s at Seven, London.

All my plays, both productions and workshops, have been directed by Vivian Matalon.