To Begin


Bit sparse around here but that will change.

After much work and a lot of time I have finally finished the novel of Songbook. To me this is a big deal. In its early days I wrote ‘No one will read this’ on an index card that I left on my desk. People have, as I’ve worked on it. My final revision was to cut half of it, from around 130,000 words to 82,000. Much of what I cut represented years of labor. Seeing how easy it was to cut - this has a lot to do with the story’s elliptical construction - I feel that I did the right thing. And it’s not like everything I liked best got the chop but, as I’ve learned in the past, you have to be willing and able to let it go.

Now the question is: how to publish. I don’t have many ideas yet but I mostly stopped myself thinking about it as I wrote; it makes you self-conscious. I don’t want to think how a piece is like everything else, I also don’t want to focus on how it’s different. I want to focus on the thing itself.

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