Playwright & Actor

Stephen Temperley


I’ve acted in the UK and the US, in the West End, on and off-Broadway, and in many repertory and regional theaters in both countries – also some TV and film.

I’ve worked on Broadway as playwright, actor – not in one of my own plays – and director.

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Ongoing Work


The Broadway comedy that has been produced around the US, and the world.

Nine Day Wonder

A solo comedy in one act.


A play and novel.

A Christmas Carol

A new adaptation.


Five Good Springs

Goodnight and sleep well. Tonight and all  the nights I am  away.

Program note

Last year, when this adaptation was first presented, I included this note in the program: Ordinarily I don’t write program notes preferring to let the work speak for itself—but these aren’t ordinary times.Last week, coming into the theater, I was happy to see that the set was up, though it wasn’t yet...

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Soon after my seventieth birthday, at an annual checkup which was routine but also not, my doctor, a man who could be thought to lack tact, by way of complimenting me on my general state of good health informed me that I could probably, all things being equal, I could likely expect to enjoy ten good years, cautioning me that as I approached...

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Recovering from my reaction to the Moderna booster shot I'm thinking that now is as good a time to begin as any. Like all of us, I think, I'm anxious to get beyond this pandemic time and into whatever will come after. I've been busy over the last year, but now most of that is done and I'm beginning to look forward to what's next. Winter's on the...

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