The Sitnik Theater, Centenary Stage Company 2020.

That’s where I’ll be performing Nine Day Wonder. In front of the Christmas Carol set. A drape will close it off, and legs will come in from the sides to close down the proscenium but still, it’s a big house to fill. The play is just me and a pile of junk. If that sounds Beckett-esque I did have Godot in mind as I began to write: my play is an opposite version; instead of five men waiting for one to arrive, my play is one man who never gets there. But it’s a sign of the times – or a condition of how we’re presently living our lives – that the studio theater, where I might more comfortably belong would have too few seats, what with social distancing, to make it possible to mount a play. So I’m in the big house, where, though not all the seats will be sold, they’ll have a chance to do some kind of business.

Knowing that I’ll have behind me the set for my adaptation of A Christmas Carol will be comforting. At least, that’s what I think know. We’ll find out if that’s true. I’m just beginning to write here, who knows if I’ll keep these posts – I sort of think I should if I’m going to do this properly I should do it and learn as I go along.