Other plays

The Pilgrim Papers

Berkshire Theater Festival.

An alternate history that imagines that, as they came ashore, instead of a killing freeze there was a thaw; Dorothy Bradford wasn’t drowned; the younger members of the expedition, tiring of the paranoid fantasies of their elders, set up camp on the beach where they sang and danced, smoked Squanto’s pipe of peace, and celebrated the first same-sex mariage. Knowing that their actions would provoke a backlash, Bradford did what he could to protect his wife, but before long the breakaway colony was attacked and the young people imprisoned. When some of them break free, though he as governor he must condemn them, he can only wish them godspeed for their trek west. The play ends with him destroying the true account and beginning the official version, the one that has come down to us, the first cover-up.

Dance With Me

18th Street Theater and Centenary Stage Company

Sally is in love with Jack, who boasts that he is the most selfish man in the world, Talbot can’t stop crying, and Daisy wishes everyone would shut up. A rom-com in which no one gets what they want.

Beside The Seaside

The Hudson Guild.

It’s Anna’s birthday. Her friends decide to give her Jimmy though Cladia warns her he’ll be more trouble than he’s worth and wouldn’t Anna really be better off with a dog? Is love worth the effort?


Chelsea Theater Center and HBO New Writers.

Nancy can’t figure out how to get enough money together to pay for her baby. Meanwhile, Kenny’s patients are dying before he can kill them.

That Kind of Woman

A musical workshop for Dodger Theatricals.

Dumped off a tramp steamer bound for nowhere, Lily looks around at Honolulu and isn’t impressed. When she’s hired as a taxi-dancer, Lily is soon the star attraction. Aiming for a better life, she swears that this time she’ll get even with the man who’s betrayed he, get even with all the men who’ve done her wrong. Just as she has achieved everything she thinks she wanted, money, status, respectability, she loses everything — finding instead the one true love she’d really been searching for all along

Rewrite Me: Casanova and Mozart in Prague

A musical spectacle developed for VBK Vienna.

When his librettist is recalled to Vienna, Mozart is left stranded in Prague with a half-finished score and nine discontented singers. As he is leaving, the librettist introduces him to an old friend from back home in Venice who he says wll help Mozart finish Don Giovanni. Enter Casanova. Then a strange thing happens: he falls in love.