A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol at Centenary Stage, 2020 and 2021.

Director: Carl Wallnau

Scenic Designer: Matthew Imhoff

Lighting Designer: Ed matthews

Costume Designer: Meghan Reeves

Choreographer: Lea Antolini-Lid

Composer/Music Director: Kevin Lynch

Why a new version? I love the story, played Scrooge myself for four seasons at the McCarter theater in Princeton, and wanted to make an adaptation that paid more attention to the social realities of the time. There can be between five and seven actors – and no children. I’ve also added a new ending, because what does happen when a person’s life is turned upside down? What does Scrooge do with his new-found humanity?

Three from among the many illustrations in Mayhew’s book depicting street people, their occupations and lives.

One of Dickens’s principal sources for this story as well as for others, was Mayhews ongoing survey of London’s underbelly that would later be published as London Labour and the London Poor. At the mid-century, London was the first industrialized capital, notoriously filthy and noisy, flooded by dispossessed country workers hoping to find work and a better life, but instead finding slums and bone-crushing poverty.